14 Cute Cross-body Bags No One Will Believe You Got on Amazon

- Courtesy of Amazon
Courtesy of Amazon

There’s a reason why cross-body bags have become a must-have for travelers everywhere. Unlike shoulder bags or tote bags, they're not as straining on your shoulders or back, which makes them one of the most comfortable options design-wise.

Satchels and clutches may look chic but — let’s face it — having both of your hands available while you explore a new city or shop for souvenirs is pretty useful. And finally, while backpacks may fit a lot, they are not exactly the most secure option when it comes to protecting your valuables from pickpockets. The benefit of a cross-body is that you can wear it either on the side or in front of you where you can see it.

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Of course, this doesn’t mean that if you opt for a cross-body handbag you will be making some kind of a grand compromise with style or size. If you’re looking for something more appropriate for a luxury resort, consider a trendy woven bag or a leather style that's just as elegant as it is casual. And for those in need of a sturdy and spacious cross-body appropriate for urban explorers, brands like Fossil and Lucky Brand have all created options that are cool, functional, and fit all of your essentials.

Now, check out 14 of Amazon’s cutest cross-body bags that will accommodate any style and travel need.


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