Dramatic Images of the California Wildfires


They've already torn through 65,000 acres.

Wildfires continue to burn their way through Southern California, turning large swaths of the state into towering infernos and forcing thousands to evacuate their homes and businesses. The blazes, which have already torn through more than 65,000 acres of land, have also produced some incredibly dramatic photos and videos, as captured by local news crews, commuters and residents.

Here are some of the most jarring scenes from the Southern California wildfires.

NBC News tweeted this arresting footage of the blaze along the I-405 freeway.

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A commuter driving near the Getty Center, in Los Angeles, tweeted this image of his fiery commute.

The Los Angeles Times posted an aerial view of the destruction raging alongside the freeway.

The damage in Los Angeles, as posted by makeup artist Jeffree Star, looks like something off a movie set.

A tweet from California's ABC7 Eyewitness News shows smoke billowing far into the sky.

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